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The series 'The Ghost and Mrs. Muir was based on the book by R. A. Dick.
It was aired on NBC from 1968 to 1969 and picked up by ABC for another
year ending its run in the fall of 1970. Before it was made into a comedy
for television, it was first made into a movie starring Gene Tierney and
Rex Harrison.

Gull Cottage is haunted by its former owner Captain Daniel Gregg (played
by Edward Mulhare). He had built the house for his later life and it should
be turned into a home for retired seaman after he was gone. But through
an unexpected storm, he accidentally kicked on the blasted gas heater with
his blasted foot. That's why he left a little bit earlier than planned. Though,
the Captain wasn't going anywhere.

A century later his great-nephew Claymore Gregg (played by Charles Nelson
Reilly) rented out the house to Carolyn Muir (played by Hope Lange ), a widow
and writer lady from Philadelphia.  She moves into the cottage with her two
children Jonathan (played by Harlem Carraher) and Candace (played by Kellie
Flanagan) and her housekeeper Martha (played by Reta Shaw).

In the first evening in her new home, Carolyn met Captain Gregg. According
to a terrible argument both had, she leaves the house again but she was
brought back by him. He let her stay on trial and the Captain would never be
the same.


                  sung by
Edward Mulhare as Professor

Higgins in My Fair Lady
   Accustomed to her Face